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Quality pre loved, handmade and boutique
goods for babies and children ages 0-6.

Illawarra's locally run Little Darling's Baby Bazaar provides an opportunity for parents to sell and buy quality pre loved goods by known brands at low prices all under one roof.

We also have a unique range of stalls of small businesses selling or promoting their handmade, new and boutique goods. Plus local services information for baby and children.

An ideal place to buy prams, cots, baths, strollers, bouncers, clothes, books, toys and just about anything for babies and children ages 0 to 6 without spending a fortune!

Our Bazaar is located in a quality large indoor venue, allowing our event to be held no matter what the weather.

Baby Bazaar is run by stall holders so you buy direct from the seller and have the opportunity to negotiate on the price. As a seller, baby bazaar allows you to make some extra cash for you and your family whilst clearing out your garage and storage cupboards. As a buyer you will be able to save dollars by buying quality pre loved or new items for your children.

Local Mum Danyelle is the founder and organiser of Little Darling's Baby Bazaar and Darling's Fashion Bazaar - Quality pre loved fashion for ladies. Ladies turning pre loved goods into cash! Visit for information.


Why not book a stall at

Little Darling's Baby Bazaar

Still only $45

Bazaar dates for 2017

12th March
5th November

(Visit stall holders information, booking form and selling tips for more information)

General Information

Held indoors at the
Illawarra Hockey Stadium
Waples Road, Unanderra


$3 Entry, (Kids U/12 FREE)

Booking Form

Little Darling's Baby Bazaar Booking Form

Please read the Stall holders Information and Terms and Conditions thoroughly before making your booking.

Stall Type:
Full Name:*
Business Name:
(if applicable)
Dates for 2017:
12th March
(Hockey Stadium, Unanderra)
Number of stalls:
5th November
(Hockey Stadium, Unanderra)
Number of stalls:
How did you hear about us?
Description of goods being sold*
I Declare I have read and agree to the Stall holders terms and conditions.*

* indicates fields required.

Stalls will be allocated by Baby Bazaar on a first booked basis. Payment details will be sent through once booking form is received.

Stall Holder Information

Stall Hire at the cost of $45 per table includes:

Stall location
Each stallholder will be allocated their table once booking form and payment has been returned. Your table number will be given on the Bazaar day. You may have one helper if needed on the day. You will be required to wear your table number sticker on so we know that you are a stallholder and can have access in and out of the stadium.

Displaying of items
Stallholders may use other display items such as baskets, tubs, buckets for goods in front of table but allow good access for customers. Stallholders may not come out any wider than 0.5m in front of the table.

Large Items
Each stallholder will have access to a designated area to display 4 large items.
ie prams, highchairs, car seats, bouncers, safety gates, baths, walkers.
Stall holders can not assemble cots, portacots, playpens, change tables as these items are too large. Please attach a photo to unassembled item.
- Collect large items price labels from entry desk. Write the price, your table number and item with description on the label. Also price, table number and item with description on attached receipt.
- Place large item in area. Try to keep same items together ie prams with prams, cots with cots. Please do not put on brakes on items as customers like to maneuver them.
- Attach label to item/s with tape provided.
- When item is sold from your stall the customer will present the receipt given by the stall holder to a Baby Bazaar staff member so the item can be removed and taken from the large items area.
Display only clean, quality, functional items. Would you buy the item yourself? You may be asked to remove any items that don't meet these standards. All items to be sold must be in full working order Loose pieces around large item may be stolen or lost. Please tie/attach them safely to the item. Baby Bazaar has the right to pass on your table number to a customer if an item you have sold is faulty. No responsibility is taken by Baby Bazaar for any theft, loss or damage to any items.

Clothes Rack
Each stallholder may bring one clothes rack to fit on the right hand side of your table. Please ensure your items don't protrude into the aisle due to Occupational, Health and Safety Regulations.

Table Cloth
Please bring a table cloth or sheet to cover your trestle table.

Please bring along something to drink and eat. Refreshments are available from the on site canteen if you prefer.

Bazaar hours and setting/packing up times
Doors of the stadium will open at 7.15am and close at 8.45am SHARP. Stallholders must be ready to trade from 9am till 12pm. Any stallholder that does not arrive before 8.15am will not be allowed access and no refund will be given. Packing up will take place from 12 to 1pm.

Terms and Conditions

Floor Protection
Please ensure no damage is done to floor or walls of the stadium by dragging goods. Any damage will result in the stallholder paying for damages. All items must be carried into the stadium and not dragged. You will require mats or towels under your clothes rack, chair and any goods that could potentially damage the floor.

Shopping before 9am
Stall holders can not buy or put things on hold from other stallholders before 9am. Allow our customers to find the bargains they are looking for first. Stallholders are free to shop after 9am like all other customers.

Refund Policy
Sorry, once a payment has been made, no refund is given.

Car Seats
All car seats must be legally approved.
The Australian Government recommends all car seats that have been in an accident be discarded as they are unsafe. Please visit the following website for more information or call 1300 302 502.

The stall holder is responsible for the safety of their table and area around your stall. To avoid accidents please ensure items are set up in a safe manner.

No responsibility is taken by Baby Bazaar organizers for theft, loss or damage of goods and/or monies. Stall holders are responsible for their own security.

Exit Doors
Please ensure that all exit doors are left clear of any goods.

All unsold items must be taken with the stall holder. No item/s is to be left behind or in the venue.

Goods that Can be Sold
Quality pre loved goods relating to babies and children only.

Non Pre Loved Items
Baby Bazaar is primarily a pre loved bazaar, however a limited number of stalls are available for small businesses selling good and services relating to babies and children. If your items are non pre loved and you have not sought prior permission to display and sell, you may be asked to remove them.

Goods that Can Not be Sold
Anything unrelated to babies and children or any dangerous, unsafe goods.

Nothing can be stuck, glued, nailed, screwed, taped, hung or any other way attached to any part of the venue or facilities.

Moth Balls
Moth Balls contain the chemical Naphthalene. For the average person this does not pose a problem however for a person with G6PD deficiency such as babies and young children this could be very fatal. Please avoid hanging your pre loved clothes in moth balls

Please note that Little Darling's Baby Bazaar is not responsible for your personal and product liability. Little Darling's Baby Bazaar will not refund stall hire fees in case of cancellation of Bazaar due to factors out of our control. No responsibility is taken by Little Darling's Baby Bazaar organizers for theft, loss or damage of goods and/or monies. Stall holders are responsible for their own security. The Stall holder agrees to indemnify Little Darling's Baby Bazaar against all claims for damages or injury to the property or persons in respect of any claim by such person arising out of negligence.

Thank you for participating. Wishing you all the best for a successful Bazaar Day.

Kind Regards,
Little Darling's Baby Bazaar.

Helpful Selling Tips

Little Darling's is a quality pre loved goods bazaar. We want to create an image of quality items sold, not trash and treasure. Ask yourself, would you buy it? If not, don't sell it...

Thank you

Your booking form has been sent. We will be in contact within 48 hours with payment details.

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